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Saturday 6th August 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Well as you know de renderers finished last week, diz week da modurn industrial sculpture waz taken down too, (Hoodad here : he means the scaffolding, pretentious little git). Me house lookz sprocktastic all white an clean.

So az I iz livez in da white house I now wantz to be know az President Jakey. Hoodad sayz I not a president coz I iz English an dat I can be an attenshun seeking drama queen, not sure I like fatty’s tone dere.

Any ways normal service iz restored Hooauntie Alice iz back from Hollibobz so I haz got me duvet dayz back. Me an Hoomum iz so pleased we iz back to a sensible 3 day workin week. Hoodad has been away again an on Thursday Hooauntie Kay came over an givez me loadz of cuddlez which waz nice.

Today I not get ballfrow again az Hoodad’s knee iz not fully mended so no huffy puffy leaky fing for him yet. But we did go to me fav place in da world, more on dat later.

Anyways on da way I sees da Huge geesez in da field. Dey makez mi brain hurt dey can fly , right?, but diz morning dey waz all walkin in da field in a straight line, why walkz when you can fly it not right dey iz messin wiv me head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See pic one)

Double bonus on da sooper long walk da tide waz out. Stankiness here we comes. It waz a lovely morning and dere are some pics of me having funz.

I finkz to meself I will havez fun wiv Hoodad an I not goes in da big muddy bit where da tide iz out. It makez him fink I iz growed up an not want to get stankey. But I just playin when I getz to da Jetty bit I iz in da mud. Hoodad not know da best stank iz found in da jetty mud.

The last pics iz me getting supper stankey. Az a favour to hoodad for take me to my fav place I swimz and Banzai jumpz in da clean pond, if I iz truthful it just to stopz da hosepipe fing. It seemed to work no hosepipe, Hoodad did groom me wiv da spikey comb fing, I swear me ears iz much smaller now the amount of hair he takez out.

Anywayz I can here me sofa callin so I iz of for am Olympic sized kip.

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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