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Saturday 13th August 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

I haz had a well embarrassing moment dis week. At work I waz in da office, well portacabin, havez da mid day tratz an playtime wiv Hooauntie Alice when Hooworkboy Sean comez in. Normally I seez dem from da safety of me kennel an I barkz at dem all. So I waz so excitez dat I peed on da floor dat waz well embarrass I can tel you. However dere waz a funny coz I also peed on Hooauntie Alice’s foot, we all laffz lotz except for Hooauntie Alice.

I haz da bestest Friday duvet day, Hoodad had da early tooth doctor so only a short walk den I sleepz all day an all night I waz right up for todays walkiez wiv da fatman.

Hiz kneez must be getz better coz he had da sexy black ballfrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Thurrock council haz cutz da grass so Hoodad found all da ballz an he waz well sneaky wiv sidewayz an backwards frowz.

He not do da huffy puffy leaky fing but waz walk fast for a fatty, pic one iz me waitz in da shade for him to catch up.

Pic two iz me looking well happy in me muddy puddle, I waz annoyed at meself az I forgot da two well stanky places. Butg it waz well sunny an I waz being full turbo mode earz back an everyfing. I waz so tired dat Hoodad beatz me along da manorway!!!! Pic 3 is me relax under da damp towel, it waz loverly.

Well I iz off to keep cool

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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