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Saturday 30th July 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Well da renderers has gone so da house iz all nice an white an clean looking. Da man came on Thursday to put da keep it cool back so no more hoodad in me lounge on me sofa keepin me awake.

Friday I haz da full on duvet day, it waz lush me an Hoomum napz all day on da sofaz an watch da rubbish telly. Hoodad waz away working an out early on Friday so I even getz da evening rest. But we got super duper special chicken treat. Hoodad cook chicken boobiez wrapped in extra special ham mmmmmmmmmmmm it waz lush me an Baby da cat waz well happy it waz nearly az good az fried chicken takeaway.

Diz morning Hoodad an me had a bit of a lie in, an I curlz a couple out in da garden to show him I iz ok an not needz to go out yet. So as he waz havez hiz brown go juice stuff he tease me an sayz do I want to go to da beach. As you all knowz da seawall iz my fav place to go but we usually go on a Sunday an today iz ball frow. Hoodadz knee iz play him up so I hear Hoomum tellz him not to do running. But he waz wear da shirt dat iz super tight it make him look like a badly stuffed sausage; Thank dog he put da rugby shirt over it so az not to show me up. When he comez out da garage all booted up wiv da lead I see no ballfrower so I fink oh well hiz knee iz sore we just doin Manorway.

But no we go in da under road fing which iz way to Ballfrow, iz he bein sneaky me fink an haz hidden ballfrower. Az we getz close to da crooked billet field Fatman hookz a left an we iz off in anuvver direction. It been agez since we been diz way an I not remember where it goes but it iz well good fun wiv new smellz. After what seemz agez Hoodad stick me back on da lead an we cross da train trackz, den I realise we haz walked to da beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dat Hoodad trick me we usually go to da beach by brum brum. I waz so happy todays picz iz me havez big fun an some vidz of me swimz. I luvz it down dere.

Da fun not stop dere either. On da way back we go through da parks and a cornfield, where I waz super good an stick to da footpath round da edge, Hoodad said he waz well proud of me for being good, and loop back round to home. We waz out for hourz dat iz why I iz so late.

I waz so happy I not mind dat hoodad combz me for ticks, sticky willies and grass seedz, If I iz honest I waz to puffed out to argue.

Hopez you all getz to have az much fun az me diz weekend.

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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