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Saturday 23rd July 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Well what a week of Good an Bad I haz Had

Good: Da weather 
Bad: HooAuntie Alice iz on holibobz so I haz been drag to work all 5 dayz diz week, not one duvet day at all, I iz so tired

Good: Now da treez haz gone da hoomins iz in da garden sitting at da bottom more so I getz more treatz an play 
Bad: I not get Friday takeaway chicken, I know you would fink after workin a 5 day week I would getz da chicken.

Good: Da paddley pool iz out from behind da shed.
Bad: Hoomum haz a new game of get all da garden ballz an drop dem in da pool. You would fink wiv all her OCD rulez she would understand I needz dem to go in order so I knowz which order to take dem out in, I waz so confused.

Good: Dey haz bring in da portable “Make it Cool” machine an it keepz downstairs nice an cool.
Bad: Hoodad sleepz on da sofa last night coz it waz cooler dan upstairs, OMD da noise snorez, burpz and parpz all night long. I waz so tired on ball frow

Good: I waz clever Jakie an not go in da super stanky bitz on ballfrow so waz super clean an not getz da cold hoseypipe ( see pics yes dat iz me after a ballfrow.)
Bad: I iz not stankey

So I iz off to catch upz on me duvet time

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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