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Saturday 16th June 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well mean old Hoodad haz blocked all da new exits since da neighbours put dere new fence up, it’z so unfair!!!!!!!!!. Still I thought dere iz new muddy bitz for me to rollz in, but no he haz coverz it wiv potz of plantz I waz not very Happy.

Baby da catz iz so grumpy dat dere are no birdz in da treez az dere are no treez anymore. Diz week in da night da Hoominz had to openz dere big windowz az it waz hot an da keep it cool fing haz been taken off while da rendering iz done. Poo Toby da tabby catz waz innocently walkz on da roof of the extension an Baby da catz pounce. In full Freddie Kruger mode she leapz out of da window on top of Poor Toby da Tabby an givez him a good kickin. I iz keepz out her way I tellz you she iz scarey.

On da down side I iz getting less food from her overleftz she iz eatz well loadz more dan she waz, I guess it coz she not supplement her diet wiv da birdiez. I fink I may wastes away (Hoodad here: no chance of that you gutlord).

Da rendererz haz finally started but dey iz not az nice as Barry an Sam da builderz coz dey not bring me any builderz breakfast bunz from da van at travis, I miss doez snax.

I haz a new friend in da garden now, pic 1 and pic 2 iz Freddo da frog, I hopez Hoomum not confuse him for her choccy Freddo, I don’t fink it taste da same. He makes funny noisez but isz no good at playing ball an not move very fast. I haz to make sure Baby not get to him while she iz so grumpy. Pic 1 and 2 iz Fredddo

My week haz been frown in confusion, Hooauntie Alice iz on Holiday so Hoomum iz have to workz dis Friday. Well she dragz me to work too, I don’t fink dat iz fair what did I do to need to goes to da work on a duvet day, I waz well tired last night, I hope HooAuntie Alice iz back soon.

Me an da catz did getz da chicken an lamb kebab treat Friday night so itz not all Bad.

On da ballfrow today I discoverz da new extra extra stanky bit to dive in, how I haz missed diz I not no I haz been in da park for 4 yearz an did not know it waz dere. Pic 3 and 4 iz me enjoy da stank. Coz Hoodad iz getz quicker at da huffy puffy leaky fing he waz shout me to come out well before I waz ready. I waz forced to do tda drop da ball so it roll back in to havez more fun. He must be mellowing in hiz old age az it took me 10 dropz before he waz red in da face an haz da angry vein on hiz head. Pic 5 iz da sate of da tennis ball after all da dropz. You can see me looking well pleased wiv meself.

My joy waz short lived coz when we getz back I waz hosepiped, I hatez da hosepipe I really do. I did getz extra play wiv da catch da treatz game while I dry off so it not all bad.

Well I iz off to make up for missing duvet day and can hear me sofa calling.

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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