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Saturday 9th June 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Well da curse of fingz changing when I goes out has continued. We haz da great visit to da Norvern Hoogran and Hoograndad, many cuddlez an some super nice Ham, which waz cut so thick Hoodad could have sliced it wiv a knife. But when we get back da fencerz haz gone but left a panel out, an dey made a big mess of da bottom of da garden. Hoomum waz not very happy. I waz happy coz I could sense a break for freedom, there iz Jake sized gap to Malc’s next door, (Hoodad here. It is not Jake sized gap the gutlord would get stuck in it if I didn’t block it up). There iz also a gap to Helen and Jerry’s garden so maybe I could squeeze through and play wiv Bill their doggie.

Hoodad az always spoilz me fun an keepz me cooped in da house wiv lead walks in me own garden, dat iz not fair it must be a crime. Tuesday I goez to work an comez back an da fence iz finished so no freedom breakz now, but at least I iz not on da lead in me own garden.

I iz glad to say normal service iz now restored it iz Saturday an da Fatbloke is up early an readying his old bonez for da ball frow. Pic 1 iz me an Baby enjoying being back in our garden an haz a bit of a yawn in readiness for ballfrow. Pic 2 iz me waitz for Hoodad to be ready. Den we iz off.

Thurrock council when oh when iz you cutz da grass, crooked billet iz so long I haz to jump an Hoodad lookz like a fat hurdler when he iz chase me, an in da big park I lost 2 ballz in da long grass. Don’t you realise Hoominz not haz good noses so when we sprocketz play da ball fetch to keep dem happy dey not find dem PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut da grass. I getz a bit sad when I loosez a tennis ball, or I would if I not know hoodad haz da secret stash of new onez dat he finkz I not know about in da garage.

Hiz huffy puffy leaky seems to be working he iz getting faster, last week he stopz me going for da swim in da stanky place by chase me off, well diz week I showz him how quick I can be an beatz him to da finish. Pic 3 and 4 is me stanky and well pleased wiv meself.

Da bad news waz Fatman hosepiped me wiv cold water picz 4,5 and 6 iz me recoverz in da garden from da freezey water.

Well I iz off to watch rubbish telly wiv Hoomum while Hoodad makez fixez to da garden.

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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