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Saturday 3rd January 2015 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

I haz two wordz for ya BALL FROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep Hoodad and me haz hadz da first official ball frow of 2015. Iz been agez since I wentz due to hollibobs and crimblez. Guess what it was all still there fav pee place, da subway, pee place, croocked billet, da grass, pee place, da mud. pee place, da smells (fink some waz hoodad parps), pee place, da treez, pee place, da brooke, pee place, da seagullz mafia, pee place, da cricket club, pee place, da rugby club, pee place, Hardy park, and did iz mention pee place. I cocked da leg so much and wagged my tail I haz bum ache.

Da weavver is horrible today cold and rainy and I luved it, Hoodad was so wrapped up he looked like a giant Elmer Fudd. Dere waz not many people about but I did getz in a sexy bum sniff on a cute but older lady retriever, I know I haz no bitz but I cant resist a sexy bum sniff :o)

We eased in nicely wiv just one lap, fink Hoodad is sufferin from new years day, he was sober new years eve (a never before seen event according to Hoomum) and dey spent the day changing da covers on da sofas so day could wash da stank out of da old ones, I fink I is gorgeous on da new red covers, see pics 4

Pic one iz me 3milliseconds after Hoodad said go
Pic 2 and 3 iz me looking smug and muddy
Pic 4 is me resting and drying after a hoodad wash in da garden ( hot water and shampoo den da hose BRRRRR!!!!!

Well haz a great 2015 and rememberz....

Sprock on puppies Luvz Jake

Clickz on da image to see full pic



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