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Wednesday 31st December 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well Hoodad iz easingz me back into da walkies and stuff after myz holibob to Barehams. I fink he z still puffed out from der hoomin holibob Hoomum and he wentz on. I has had mini ball frows so roll on Saturdayz for da real fing.

So for da new sprockets a lickle word ofz advice. You hoomins may drinkz a bit much of da special juice tonight and do some daft fingz, dont worriez der is nuffink to be afraidz of it is da new years celebrations. Usually much worse dan Chrimbo although I dontz know how Hoodad will be drunker than he waz on Chrimbo day.

Now da appropriatez Sprocker response to da Hoomins Boozey antics is to wake dem upz really earliez wiv Sprockler kisses any of youz lucky enough to have catz try and have a poo snax before da kisses Hoomins luvz dis.

Some of yous will have sensible Hoomins who wont drink da special juice but wake dem up anyways its a new year.

So have Sprocktastic 2015 and always remember .....

Sprock on puppies Luvz Jake

Pic is me and hoodad recoverzin from da holibobs. Clickz on da image to see full pic


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