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Saturday 11th October - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well Hoomum is recouping nicely she iz even coming walkiez, Pic ! is me waitz patiently for her, pic 2 is me asking hoodad if she really iz coming.

Hoodad surprised Hoomum and me by one knowing where da noisey suck up da Jakey hair fing waz and 2 how to use it. Three times in one week, more then he everz done before

Todays ballfrow was washed outz. Hoodad said it was hissing down, or somefink like dat any road up. So just a short road walk between showers this morning. As I mentioned Hoomum is getting better and we all had a balfrow walk tonight it was great to have my Hoomum back on da roadz wiv me and Hoodad. I waz a bit of a "Lickle Snit" as Hoodad callz me coz I not giv da last ballfrow back tillz we getz home. Pic 3 is Hoomum explainz I should giv it back when told too, I waz just a bit deafiez in da earsiez dats all. Pic 4 is Hoomum trying to get in the smile category, what you fink Sprocketz itz a good attempt.

I must havez been a good boy dis week coz dey bought me Glow balls for when itz dark in da winter and a new spikey, I luvz my spikey it tickles my teef and Tounge when I chews it See pics 5 and 6.

Thanks for the nice comments wishing Hoomum better last week.

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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