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Saturday 4th October - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

OMD what a week I have had.

Monday Hoodad takes me on a ball frow, I know ball frow on a workz day!!!. Then Him and Hoomum go out in the afternoon in da silver comfy.

Tuesday before itz even light He hasz me outz for poopies and off dey go again. Hoodad arrives home inda afternoonz but no Hoomum, I iz worried.

Hoodad explains she has poorly tummy and is wiv da Hoovet to get fixed, den we is off on another ball frow. Later he goes back to da Hoovets and come home wiv outz Hoomum and off we goez for anther walks.

Wednessday early and another ball frow, I fink I iz a Furry Sprocker stress ball for Hoodad. Den he go back to Hoovets to see Hoomum and comes back and letz me know she iz ok. Den we getz email Hoomum can comez home; Hoodad can move quick when he wantz.

I know Hoomums tummy is sore so I iz very gentle round her and dont jump or nuffink, dat did mean Hoodad getsz da full on Sprocker Banzai headbutz, he is tough he can takez itĀ .

Thursday and Hoodad is still off worksiez so another ball frow, by now you can tell I iz knackerd look at the pic I is so tired dis week I can only manage one photo.

Had good laugh at Hoodad putting Hoomumz surgical stockingz on, hisz belly getz in da way, dey make Hoomums legs look like white sausages which makes me hungry.

Friday fingz back to normz, Hoodad normal walks and off to worksiez, den (Maternal, still looking up da wordz) Hoograndad comes overz andbrings me sausage treats and as rewardz for being so genlte wiv Hoomum I getz to scoff 4 of dem, (Burpz).

Sadly not all iz back to normal, Takeaway Friday iz a fing of da past so no more kebab or chickenĀ .

So ball frow today and Hoomum is getting much better, Hope Hoodad keeps going to works coz I dont fink my legz can copez wid another week of ballfrow stress relief.

So datz all for dis week

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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