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Saturday 18th October - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well dis iz da week of good news.

Good News 1

Hoodad was working away for a couple of days so I got quality time with Hoomum, lie ins and gentle walks not da energy sappingz marches of Hoodad.

Good News 2 ( or Gooderer News as I likez to say)

Hoomum showsz me HTML so I makez my own web Page.http://www.jakesez.lin2.co.uk so you canz see more of me and read some of da old blogz. (Only Joking about da HTML, it waz Hoomumz she is such a Techie Geek, and it gavez her sumfink to do while she recoverz from da Hoovet op).

Good News 3 (or Even Gooderer News)

We iz all goez to Weald park tomorrowz where I hopez to make loads of new Sprocket friends, see you all there.

Good News 4 (or bestez night time ball frow ever)

Hoodad took me and my glow balls out on Thursday night and we had ball fros in da dark, It waz ACE. I findz dat if I holdz da ball in my mouth I can use like a torch, and dis meanz I can findz even more yummy Scooby Snax when its dark. I luvz my glow balls.
Pic 1 is me new flashing collar
Pic 2 Me a long ways away wiv da green ball
Pic 3 Getting Closer
Pic 4 Closer you can see me smile
Pic 5 Spooky glowing Jakey
Pic 6&7 Me not givez da tenniz ball back to Hoodad on todays morning ball frow.

Good News 5 (Bestest news Ever)

Hoomum haz got da all clear from da Hoovet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well dats all for now See all da Essex Posse Tomorrowz

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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