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Saturday 27th September - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well first trip in the Silver comfy was a great success. It was a bit high butz I takez a runz up and was in. It waz very clean and didnt smellz of me. So I hadz a good shed and it was fine. It had loads of space and I could strech right outz so was very comfy. I addz it up and az a family we iz 8 wheel drive now, we needz it you have seen da size of Hoodad and hiz belly 

It waz great to see my Paternal (iz look it ups in da words and meaning book) Hoogran and Hoograndad. Hoograndad has huge handz dat make me feel like a lickle sprocket pup all over again. Hoogran iz sneaky and when she finkk noones can hearz she haz conversations wid me and tellz me I iz beautiful and a good boy. Also dey do nice treatz behind my hoomins backs 

I also seez my hoouncle, Hooauntie and Hoocousins so had loadz of fuss and fun.

Today's ball frow went wiv out incident Hoodad no lose any ballz, but to keep him on hiz toes I didz da back into da hedge and poo trick so he haz to bend and crawl to getz it in da poobags. Four times he fell for it, I nearly laugh my earz off.

Only one pic today and it is me in what my Hoomum call "Jakey Stance", I iz just waits for Hoodad to frow da ball.

Dats all for now

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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