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26th June 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

My hoomum and I did the Cancer Race for Life at Basildon this year along with Auntie Alice and Auntie Christine I hadz another great day. Lotz more doggiez dis year sum of dem waz really pritty but I only haz eyes for Lucy.

My Hoogran died of cancer in 2013, I still missez her. Anywayz fanks to Cancer Research my hoograndad is here today. He waz a marshall at da Race wiv uncle Les, dey do lotz of marshall stuff. I fink it is coz dey is bowf bossy bootz and like looking at da girlies. I was well upset hoograndad forgotz my treat in his car but I tried to give him cuddles anyway but he tells me to gerrof you smelly ickle burger. I looked but could see no burger van, anuver disappoinment.

Luckily I hadz da good stank from jumping in a pond and I nearly dragged hoomum wiv me - te he he dat would have been well funny. Lots of peeps at da finish line waz cheering for me but funny none of dem wanted cuddles hoomum said is was coz I was a wet dog. She must know dat I am at my friendliest when wet!

It was a great day I gotz to run in day fields after and den play in da garden before a nice early nigty.

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Sprock on Puppies luvz Jake xx


Hoogran - Maggie Newman 1944 - 2013


Hoograndad - Charles Prince Cancer Survivor

Click on da image to see da ful pic

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