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Saturday 17th September 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Firstz off sorry for not post last week, it all Hoodad’z fault. He take me to da Stanford Beach (seawall) after last post on da Sunday den again da next Saturday and den on da Sunday too. I waz so tired I not ablez to lift a paw to type.

Diz week I saw my friend Peggy for da first time in agez, her Hoomum Joan haz had a new knee and haz not been up to walkiez but she iz getz better so dey iz back on da Manorway 

Hoodad haz been away wiv da workiez I fink dat why he been try to walk me lickle legz off. Today howeverz I fink it iz catch up on him an me getz a lie in and just da full Manorway.

I had so much energy I waz play wiv lotz of puppiez an I found a tennis ball. To keep up da full set I also eat cat poo, Scooby snax an roll in some poo I waz so pleased wiv meself.

Many baby wipez later when we getz home Hoodad clean me earziez out which I lovez, den he groom me wiv a torture device callz a Ferminator. OMD dere waz lotz of Jakey fur floatz around da garden, I swearz I haz lost weight. (Hoodad here no he has not the greedy lardy arse). I haz to say it did make me fur all sleek and sexy.

Now da nightz iz getting dark da Hoominz iz getz take awayz on Fridayz so me an Baby haz gourged on da chicken. (Hoodad here sadly it has a disastrous effect on his digestion and the SBD parps makes your eyes water (SBD Silent But Deadly)) I not know what he meanz he not exactly blow palma violet, an da less said about Hoomum da better. I blamez da cat meself;)

Well I iz off to snooze, keep dry and

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

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