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Saturday 28th May 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello sprockets, Jake ere

Hoodad has gone to Twickers to see da rugby with da hoouncles dat drink the special silly juice. No ballfrow for me today.

I have my hooauntie Kay vizitin and so far she has given me treats, some of her ham sammich and a flying toy. It lookz like a plate but sadly haz no food on it. It only flyz when auntie haz it. I fink iz broke, it dozent roll or bownce so all I can do wiv it iz carry it. I am hoping dat someone will put food in it but so far no luck.

Dis week I haz been under attack from cocker-pooz. On Tuesday I saw my hingerlish bird, Truffle, she made me run and play for ages in da long grass. It waz fun but I was zausted after and most of da grass was skwashed flat.

Den on Furzday I met a met a new cocker-poo called Bella. She waz just a puppy, only seven mumfs old and a very cute choccit brown. Her hoodad waz very nervus about letting her off da lead. My hoomum and dad told him dat it wouldz be ok coz I wouldz come back and she would follow. Ventually he letz her off da lead. O my dog! She waz so fast and I got zausted again. She was pretty tired after and went back to her hoodad and laid at hiz feet.

I fink dere is a plot to try to makez me loze weight by running my legz off and cocker-pooz all around da world haz been told to chase and play wiv me lots!

To make fingz worse on Friday I got sentz to da groomerz. I smellz like a girl and coz dere waz no ballfrow today I couldn’t get da good stank in da mud so I still smellz girly. Hoohum keeps sniffin me, it is weered.

I wouldz like to say fanx to da people who haz sponsored me an hoomum coz we is doing da Race for Life next mumf. Here is da link if you want to donate your treat money - If you can spare even £1 it will help https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/linwilson

I hopez you haz a fantastic long weekend, sprock on puppiez, Luvz Jake xx

Clickz on da image to see full pic. Pic 1 iz me restin before my haircut and 2 and 3 iz after – look how spotty I iz.

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