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Sunday 30th November 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

Dis iz da bonus post on a Sunday.

As you all knowz ballfrow was quite epic on Saturday and when we got back Hoomum had decked the halls and it was well Chrismassy.

I wanted to takez it all in so I did nuffink all day just looked at all da toyz and pretty thingz. Wiv the occasional stealth stealing of Baby da catz food, we all knowz cat food is like chips for Hoomins always better tasting if you pinchez it.

Well Hoomum was worriedz dat it hadz taken too much outs of me, Hoodad told her not to be daft and I just a lazy lickle Snit. So on Sunday ballfrow he took a video, this was half way round lap two so about 5 miles in to da walk.

Click da image to see my vid

I fink it proves I has loadsa energies and Hoomum should not falls for my sleepy games, she always does though

Well just waits on da pig to come out of the oven before I can starts da pleading eyez and huffing tills I get some.

Sprock on puppies Luvz Jake

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