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Saturday 29th November 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

I would likez to nominate the day afterz Black Friday to be Awkward Poop day. I realized I had been letting Hoodad off lightly Pooping in plain sight and easy to reach, So today, one of da houses on our ball frow route has just hadz da nice (light colour) block paving drive finished, all clean and luvzly. The white advertising sign had fallen making a nice slope so I Poopz on da sign and getz a nice Plopz when it hit da cleans block paving. I nearly peed laughing as Hoodad was picking and wiping wiv da wet wipes. To hiz credit he cleaned it very well, but I dont fink he was happy. Don't worries I not let him take a pic so we iz all safe 

When we carried on da sunrise over da port was lush (pics 1-3) so we stopped while Hoodad got all arty again.

We lost a ball friend today, it always happenz when dey getz all nice and wispy bearded, it landed in leaves and I couldn't be bovvered to look and Hoodad could not see it so we waz a man down but Hoodad found a ropeball on da string so we had a full complement by da time we gotz home.

It waz a huge ballfrow todays nearliez 3 hours when we got homes we was pooped I was so fast I just a blur (Pic 4&5).

Da seagull mafia are just wimps I not evenz has to runz at dem todays and dey flew off pic 6 is me lordin it large in da seagull free leaves, don't I lookz good 

Diz will be my last post for a whilez as da Hoomins are off on Hollibobs, I getz ta go to da doggery at Barehams in Orsett. I luvz it der da girls make a fuss of mez, must be da sexy black earz, and I getz to play wiv loadsa new puppies of all sortz. I get all dirty and stanky and I really have a sprocking time.

Then I getz da bath and am all cleanz which means HooMum and Hoodad will be back to pick me up so I iz happy all over again.

Well dats all for now

Sprock on puppies Luvz Jake

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