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Saturday 22nd November 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake Here.

Well last weekend with the Wallis hoomans was great, even if hoodad and HooUncle Nige did drink lots of der special grape juice.

I got to play with Huge and Rolly and see my gilfriend Willow. (Pic one)
Iz got da sexy black ears Willow is sexy balack all overz, she is a cocker poo so that half way sprocket makez it okz to be friendz.

Pic two is Hoodad and Me wivz HooAuntie Clare and Roly inda back. We waz wacthing Huge play Rugbyz. Hoodad said he played lots when he waz young, I dontz see it meself dey could all run fast and didnt wobble like he does when he runz, which iz not oftenz I can tells you.

Pic three is HooUncle Nige and hiz boyz.

Todays ball frow waz fabbo, itz wet and muddy and I gotz two lapz and three swimz, Iz a happy Sprocket. Also da seagull mafia haz scaled back der hitz on da Jakie. Dey was in da footballz field but not as many as last week and dey not followz me. So I fink I iz off da hook, Phew!!!

Well datz all dis week

A special Sprock on Puppies to all da new additions I haz seen dis week, grow up to be good sprockets for your forever Hoomans.

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