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Saturday 15th November 2014 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

I fink I iz in trouble wiv da seagull mafia. Ball frow today started normal until we getz to da football field (pic 1 and 2) it is covered wiv dem. I give them a wide berth coz some of dem are big burgers. Hoodad and me manage to getz to da rugby pitches wiv out incident. then when we turns round to go back dey was there too. So be carefuls out there on walks today and watch out for da seagull mafia!!!!!!!!!.

The rest of the ball frow was ac, I saw my girlfiends Millie ( a lovley boxer) and Bella ( a pretty english springer spaniel) and some other dogs I have not met befores.

Then we meet Cola again who is a big black Lab and he piched my tennis balls and his own ball and gotz all three in his mouth at da same time!!!, I was so jealous.

But either hoodad is trying to shrink his belly or somefink is going on today coz we did 3 laps of da parks ball frowin all da way. Pic 3 is me puffed out and pic 4 is me cooling off in my fav muddy puddle which was nice and deep coz of da rainz.

But now we is back hom and I iz dried off and in my rightful place ( pic 5) I luvz my towel and my sofa.

Pic 6 is hoodad and his silly face fuzz for MOvember, I think he might be part sprocker coz its a different colour dan his usual tache. Hoomum says it is coz his normal tache is in da shade of iz big nose she iz cheeky to hoodad but getz away wiv it coz he luvz her.

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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