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Monday 27th October - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here. Today waz different from most Mondays. Started off with walkies wiv hoodad but no runnig off da lead. 40 minz of walking on da pavementz wiv da figure of hate on. I waz not a happy sprocker. Managed to get some good splashback from grass so hoodad still had to towel me downz.

Usually I snugglez down wiv my towel on da sofa till we eiffa eather eva (cantz spell dat word) we getz in da orange zoomie and visit hoogran and grandad or hoogradad comez to visit me. Monday is alf a duvet day coz nuffin happenz till at least 11 ow clock but not today sprockets.

Pic 1 is me at 7.30, pic 2 is 8.00

At 8.30 hoomum called me to get up and off we went in the orange zoomie. We wentz to a place wiv lots of zoomies I finks it is a zoomie farm. We getz out and I waz fussed by lotz of hoomen and then we waited. Hoograndad picked us up in his black zoomie. I likez dat coz it is low down to jump into.

He takez us to hiz house and I wentz running looking for my hoogran. She feedz me LOTS!

First I eatz all da cat food (yum) den went in search of cat pooz in da garden. Didn't findz any but found ballz. Hoograndad played wiv me for ages, I was puffed out. Had a nap on da sofa den some lunch den some more treats from hoogran.

Den you neva guess wot? More ball frow in da garden and more treats. Den back in da black zoomie for a ride. Even more treats when get back to hoogran. I waz almost burstin wiv all da treats and hooman food.

Hoomum, hoograndad and me went for a walk. I founz a lovely clean path to poop on far away from da poo bin (he he). Made lotz of room for more treatz.

When we getz back to hoograns I gotz even more ball frow and even more treatz. Hoogran gavez me da scraps from her dinner plate. Didn't really wantz to eat more but it iz rude to say now plus dere was brocolli dat makes me parp real good.

We den getz in hoograndads zoomie and go back to the zoomie farm. I fink hoomums zoomie must be sick or worse maybe it diedz coz we get in a strange zoomie wiv no dog smellz or hairz. I soon fixed dat and da brocolli kicked in - poowee even I wantedz to get out!

When we getz home hoodad waz waiting in hiz exersize gear he lookz so funny like a black sauzage with woblly bitz. Still I managed to tellz him dat it iz dinner time. I scoffed mine and Baby da cats food. I fink I haz eaten to much my belly is big. Don't fink I can go for night glow ball frow I needz to just lay down and restz and maybe parp a little.

I haz had a grate day, been in lotz of zoomies, much ball frow, walkz, cuddlez wiv hoogran and hoograndad and lotz and lotz of food and treatz (burpz and parpz).

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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