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Saturday 25th October - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.Well this we I haz been "Puffed Out" from tha Sprocker walk. Hoodad has been trying da night time glow bal frows but I just runz wiv dem in my mouth like a torch. I recommends dat to you all itz great to help find scooby snax in da dark. Hoodads bootz didn't dry out foor 3 days where we all dripz on him, it was so funny, cant waitz till da next one.

We all knows hoodad is a bit funny in da head but I fink Hoomum has caught it now. Remembers I tellz you she makez me a web site, well now I haz "MERCH" datz merchandize if you dont speak sales talk. See pics 1 and 2, I hopez my hoorelatives don't readz diz as I can guess what their chrimbo pressie is gonna be, can you?  .

On todays ball frow Hoodad triez to be artistic and takez me pic in da morning sun, pic 3. Its not very good coz he iz a tightwad, I tellz im phones free wiv da contract takez phooey pictures. He explainz dat if he payz for his phone da pocket money Hoomum lets him has would be all gone so der would be no treats or glow ballz for da Jakey. So I fink I will let him off and stick to da blurry pics.

Have a great weekend tellz your Hoomins "don't" forgetz da clocks go back tonight. But rememberz we don't tells dem we can tell da time so we can still getz dem up earliez and fake cuteness to get away wivz it, thats our secret sprocket joke for autumn.

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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