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Saturday 14th May 2016 - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here

First offz a Big Getz Well Soon to all the Poorly puppiez dat have been mentioned on FACESPROCK, Clyde, George to name a couple. It haz notz been a good week for wellness. Me bird Trufflez waz a bit down an I not see her for dayz. Me other bird Bella da bootiful jet black pug tellz me not to worries but she not well either she haz da acne an gotz spotz on her pretty face. When I next see Trufflez sh haz ba whole of he belly shaved an has a mahoosive scar, her hoomum say da vet thought she had a nasty inside coz somefing show up on da magic inside picture fing. But when day cutz her open dere waz nuffink. She waz all dopey and not try to grab da sexy earz at all I iz well worried.

Hoodad waz off on da workiez fing again so Hoomum waz on walkiez duty, lucky for me her poorly leg iz mended an I getz my Manorway walkz. I got double bubble bonus on Thursday night. Hoodad gotz home in time for a Manorway walk with me an Hoomum. Hile on da walk we see Trufflez an her Hoominz. OMD it waz brilliant she waz back to her usual self trying to jump on me and grab da sexy blackz, I waz so happy an relieved we ran ourselves to da standstill.

Da fatbloke gotz back earliez on Friday an I got a bonus lunchtime Manorway before he disappearz upstairsz to do more workiez stuff. So I snugglez on da sofa for a good snooze. But blow me if he not come down early evening an takez me out for anuvver Manorway it’s not fair, Hoomum an Baby da Catz gotz to sleepz an Laze an I getz dragged out on 3 walkz on da duvet day on Friday, What iz da Fatbloke playing at he ruinz my routine.

Well after all dat on a Friday I waz not ready for my role as Hoodad trainer on Ballfrow, Pic one iz me faking sleepz. Diz waz da bad move coz he had a big mug of hot brown go juice. He waz keeping upz an being much quicker on da huffy puffy leaky bitz of da walkiez. I waz not getz my restz. Also da grass waz so long in da croocked billet dat I lost da ball even though it waz da bright orange onez, I so embarrassed dat Hoodad found dem both timez. Pic 2 iz me in da long grass.

As Hoodad iz getz cocky about da huffy puffy leaky fing I decidez to challenge him an when he getz close I getz up an runz off making him do run much much further than before, I did this lotz of timez an by da end he waz well puffed out, but so waz I pic 3 an 4 iz me at da end of da parkz smiling at how leaky Hoodad iz.

If diz keepz up I will havez da bikini bod by holibobz in France. OMG NOOOOOOOO I just fink da penny haz dropped, iz Hoodad trying for da Kini bod!!!!! Imagine da fatbloke in da mankini, almost enough to put me off my food only almost.

Next Week Hoodad iz off to da rugby so Hoomum will be incharge of dictation so we can expect much better spelling an punctuation.

Well datz all for me diz week.

Sprock on Puppies, Luvz Jake xx

Clickz on da image to see full pic. Ps. Hoodad here the final pic iz Jake 10 minutez after we got back.

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