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Saturday 13th September - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

Well itz been a stinky week in Essexland, and I dont mean da Huoominz bottom burpsĀ . We haz da gas man burying a big yellow snake fing in da path outside and when dat fing let one go PHEEWEEEEY it givez a super stank everywherez. I asked dem for a job diggin da holez az I iz champion digger and thought I could buyz my own Gravey Bones. Dey saidz no as I go to fast and never dig wherez da Hoominz wantz me too anyway.

Also dis week Hoodad haz got holdz of some special bouncy hand frow balls and has been using dem on out night walkz. Dey not go as far as da onez frown wiv da sexy black but it iz good fun, but boy does it makez me puffed out. Pic 1 is me puffed out on da sexy black ball frow dis morning.

Hoodad haz tried to do some selfies of me but he not too goodz what you fink? (Pics 2,3 and 4). Pic 5 is me showz off my mad ball skillz.

Nowz me an Baby, ( I know she iz a catz but she iz angry too), wantz to know if it is against Sprocket law not to have takeaway on takeaway night? Last night no chicken no kebab nuffink good at all. we waz offerd stinkey fish finger, fish fingers on takeaway night must be illegal, any helps or advice is greatly received.

On a sad note following on from Lynda's post speakz to your Hoomins and see if dey can donates a lickle to dat Manchester dogs home, My Hoominz did not take any convincing

Well dat wrapz it up for another week, dont forgetz it now Autumn so there is great fun to be had collecting da sticky an thornies in da earz just to make da hoominz work to get dem outz.

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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