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Saturday 6th September - In the original Sprockish

Hello Sprockets Jake here.

First offz a big Sprock on Heavenly Puppies to all our friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Especially Monty whose life and wonderful Hoomies haz touched us all.

Well todayz ball frow started offz strange. Hoodad putz 3 ballz in da pocket not da usual 2? But I not sayz nuffink just allowz da figure of hate to be on and offz we go.

Before we getz to ball frow field I spiez a ball, prblem waz itz behind a fence. So I stop and stare untilz big, tubby and creaky Hoodad climbz da fence and getz it. It waz well funny watching himz, it good job da fence waz metal as a wood one would have snapped underz his belly 

So now da Hoodad haz 4 ballz. Pic one iz me in action doingz da ball frow. When we getz to da stinky brooke I tookz pinky ball in wiv me. When I getz out I notice it not taste nice sop I hidz it from Hoodad as I knows he has 3 left, I might pick it up next week I might notz.

Now wantz to askz for help my Hoomies fink I iz ball obsessed, I spent 10 minutes trying to get da ball out da hedge when Hoomumz frow went astray. I knowz I haz loadz of other balls but if dey not frown in da right order itz not ball frow is it. So I need all Sprockets to back me up on dis and explainz to my Hoomies dat dis is da correct behaviour and dey should be more supportive, I is not OCD

At da start of da week Hoodad kept saying I has made him an old fudger, I not know hat he meanz he has always been old and fatz to me. I fact he iz not as fatz now as when I picked him to be my Hoodad so dat must be down to me. Any way it all become clear when one day he goes off to work in red zoomie (pic 1)and came home in sliver comfy (pic 2). Hoodad says itz all my faultz and he had to getz silver comfy so we can all havez more and longer Holibobs together, Hoomum sayz itz coz he is old and creaky and couldnt keep squeezing in da red zoomie. I cantz wait to go in da silver comfy, especially if a holibob is at da end of da trip.

Datz all for dis week

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake

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