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Musings of Jake the Sprocker

Welcome To Jake Sez

A blog written mainly in Sprockerish or sometimes translated into English


About Me

My name is Jake Wilson and I am a sprocker. That meanz that I am arf springer spaniel and arf cocker spaniel. I waz born 1st April 2011 in Leicestershire and went to live with my first family when I waz very small.

I callz them Uncle Mark, Auntie Amber and my hoocouzinz Emma and Holly.


When I was nearly five months old I camez to live with my hoodad and hoomum in Essex. They hadz a big furry cat namez Foobie. Foobie was bigz and scary and didn't letz me put my nose in his fur but after a while we waz friends.

This website is extracts from my private diary. I hopez you likez zem.

Sprock on Puppies Luvz Jake